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Full Hair Services for Everyone in Your Family

At Hairy Business, we truly care about your personal style. Having a new look can transform a person, not only on the outside, but the inside as well. Whether you're looking for a perm, coloring, or waxing, our talented hair artists have you covered.

Women's Cuts

If you're looking to switch up your hair, you have come to the right place. Take your long hair and change it to something short and sultry to enhance your look. Maybe you're looking for more volume, softer texture, or a new color. It doesn't matter your desired style, you will walk out feeling radiant.

Men's Cuts

This fast-paced life we all live in requires a style that is easy to work with, but still looks trendy and on-point. This is why our salon offers hair services to give you just that. High and tight cuts, flat tops, fades, and much more; we're more than just a barber with some clippers here.

Pro-Hair Tip

When changing your hair color, there's an important thing to know. If you're looking to transition to a darker shade, using semi-permanent dye is the way to go. This makes it easy to change your hair color back in the future.

Businesswoman with Nice Styled Hair


Our affordable pricing allows everyone in your family to receive the look they want. All the prices listed below are our starting point and vary depending on your hair's length and thickness.

• All Haircuts - $8.00
• Shampoo - $8.00
• Blow Dry - $8.00
• Style - $8.00
• Curl - $8.00
• Waxing (Lip, Chin, & Eyebrows) - $8.00 per Section
• Full Beard Trim - $6.00
• Shampoo & Set - $16.00
• Deep Conditioning - $15.00
• Malibu Iron Treatment - $20.00
• Updos - $45.00
• Women's All-Over Color (1 Color) - $45.00
• Men's Color- $35.00
• Partial Foil - $45.00
• Full Foil - $65.00
• Cap Highlights - $45.00
• Perm - $45.00
• Color Correction - Prices Vary